Saturday, 16 October 2010


I am looking for a workable pattern for a Victorian dress. I don’t mind if its a traditional or modern style but it does need to be that era. I need to have it made and perfected by 13th November!

I am going to a Single Adults event that is themed around the Victorian times and this is the only thorn in my side (yet) and it’s time to get a skadoodle on with it.

I am asking for ideas, perhaps suggested sites/blogs? I haven’t bought the fabric yet so the whole floor is open to ideas.


You thought it was that easy didn’t ya? :P

I am going to a Black and White Ball too. Now the clues are in the title there but I am out of ideas. For this event I want something elegant, modest and stylish. I love lace so maybe something along those lines? I don’t mind making something or buying it…oh and I’m going to need accessories too. I’m going all out for this one!! :)

So, what ideas do you have?

Please share? Do I need to beg? Ok ok I’ll stop lowering myself!! :P lol


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