Thursday, 30 October 2014

Upon return

Life has been somewhat chaotic of late. 
The biggest thing to deal with has been my moms cancer.
Whilst she is now recovering and doing profoundly well I have to admit that it does still play in my mind of the usual thoughts 'what would I do without her?'
So I've buried my head a little.
As well as working away at the business to get it as established as I can.
Then dealing with the arthritis.
Plus remembering that I am a full time mom too.
So in all, my attention hasn't been on this blog or the Facebook page but now I'm willing to try again to
regain some momentum with it.
So, I thought I'd share some tidbits of what has been created.

I very much got into crocheting.

We grew strawberries.

Charley learned the chain stitch on one of our trips to the Midlands.

We made sweet ice pops!

Many, many boy camps!

We made cake in a tin.

I spent hours in the patio, reading and relaxing.

Breakfast date. Charley and I love these mornings.

Loom  bands. Oh loom bands!

The arthritis medication I was on caused me some serious blood issues.

My teen began a furniture makeover project.

My granddaughters just kept on growing and growing.

There were fart fights that only boys can have!

The shopping trips that would take forever because the dude was on his phone!

So there was never a dull moment!

You may want to keep your eye on the website: The British Homemaker as it is currently being rebuilt to share a range of things from recipes to crafts, from good books to inspiration and a little more.

I hope to drop a comment so I know you have stopped by!

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