Saturday, 25 September 2010

Creatopia - Old but New

I decided to treat myself not too long ago. I got a Creatopia from Create & Craft with a few extras, just to get my creative juices flowing again in the scrapbooking area. When it was delivered I couldn’t wait to open it, set it up and begin my old but new zest for scrapbooking after a 3 year break.

I searched you tube for some tutorials cos there was no way I was getting the cutting facility working and it was bugging the heck outta me! My mom came up, played with it and eventually we figured it all out. She’s good like that is my mom!

So while I am working on a video tutorial that covers all aspects of putting the Creatopia together I figured I would go through visuals with anyone that is thinking of getting one. I know they have been out for about a year now but not in my house they haven’t! :) This is not an official review, just my personal opinion.

So, the actual machine is like this:


It requires no electric, no computer and is really easy to use.

The Creatopia does embossing, adhesives on fabric, card and most other things even thick items up to approx 1”. It cuts in fancy lines and straight lines at any width though the roller width is 12”. If you have the extra attachment you can even use your dies on it from your sizzix collection including the sizzlits!

Anyway, pictures:


The first attachment is for the cutting. Ideal for borders or strips with fancy edges.

The second is for embossing borders or strips. You can get a range of patterns as well as some 12” ones but I’m not really into embossing so it wont be something I use very often.

The third is the adhesive. This is the one I am excited about. The downside is  you need 3 different attachments for each kind of adhesive, permanent, repositionable and fabric. The upside is there is approx 40’ on each roll!

The last one is the rollers that secure the adhesive to the item. It has a handy lil cutter (see the orange thing) that cuts easily and neatly.



The blades are easy to fit, cut precisely and come in a range of edges. The white cartridge there is what is fixed to the edge of the item you are cutting to secure it in place.

All in all it is a fun machine to have. I don’t have the attachment for the die cutting because well, soon I will be the proud owner of the Cricut Imagine and that does all I want in my crafting life!

So in between adhering large monograms, making party invitations and other stuff, my new bff sits snugly inside the cover my mom made for me:


In short the pros & Cons:

Pros ~

  • No electric required
  • Easy to put together
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile with items to achieve
  • Light weight to transport to crops etc
  • Looks good

Cons ~

  • Needs securing when doing embossing as it sometimes juts out of place
  • White in colour, so will need a cover to protect from dust
  • Expensive replacements but sales are good
  • Blade cartridges are hard to slot in properly

Over all verdict: I love it! Like any other machine you adapt it to what you need from it, kind of make friends with it and go from there. It was very well priced, worth the money in quality and easy to get refills. 9/10.

If you have a Creatopia, tell me what you think of it and what you use it for.

I will share some of my projects when they are completed.


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