Friday, 29 March 2013

Mixed Fruit Surprise

With Easter just two days away I'm plotting and planning here in my little castle. Among scripture hunts, crafts, stories and general family time our dinner table is not being neglected.

Easter is a very close favourite to Christmas for me given its the reason we are all here and have so many things to be grateful for... The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I will share more on that on Sunday, for now I just want to share a simple and refreshing desert...

The perfect size for any appetite.

So here are the ingredients:

* mixed fruit - I used a frozen variety
* strawberries
* Jaffa cakes
* double cream
* chocolate sprinkles

To make:

In each desert dish lay a Jaffa

Slice the strawberries and stand them along the edge of the dish

Add a thin layer of mixed fruit (you may want to drain them first)

Add another Jaffa cake and a little more fruit.

Whip your cream with a hand mixer till its a little firm then add a good dollop in the centre.

Place a full strawberry on top and add your chocolate sprinkles.

You may want to drizzle some of the juice over too.


So what is going on your Easter table? How do you celebrate it?


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