Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Other handmade

I seem to have sidelined without realising it so I've decided to share some of the smaller commissions I've had lately.

Available to order for collection are the following:

* hand painted, wooden crates
* crochet coasters and teapot holders
* crochet placemats
* cushion covers
* personalised buntings
* heart shaped wreaths with or without battery powered lights
* personalised curtains and/or pillow cases
* children's aprons
* double ring scarves (wrap round scarf that's all one piece)

I do not list any items in the Internet as all my work so far has come from word of mouth but I've decided to expand my area so I will be adding some of the things I have done here soon.

If anyone is interested in ordering just drop me an email:


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Location:United Kingdom

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