Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Fire Place or Mantel?

I love things to do with homemaking, diy and creativity and for the last 5 years I haven't had a fire surround for the stockings to be hung... an absolute must in my house but it just wasn't feasible in our former home given the ridiculous amount of doors in just the living room and radiators on the other. However, a few months ago I gained a dark wood one from freecycle with an electric fire, it needs a good overhaul in all honesty but I just haven't got to that on my to-do list yet.

BUT that doesn't stop me enjoying the fact that the kids now have a place to hang their stockings and i get to play at mantel dressing.... or is it a fire place? Here in the UK we call it a fire place/fire surround but our fellows in USA call them mantels....so we'll go with both.. keeps the peace, dontcha think? :)

I have a gorgeous dark wood framed picture of the baby Jesus above the fire place/mantel, {another to-do list project, lighten up the frame} which is perfect for this time of year {though I keep it up all year round}

Being active in the gospel {The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints} Christmas is not quite as commercial for us as it used to be, yes we adore anything Christmas related, love baking, gift shopping and all the craziness that goes with it but the last 12 years has been more focused on the Christ in Christmas. For us it's a huge thing and year by year we create traditions and habits that keep us grounded that little bit more.

Having the gospel in my life personally has kept me going when I felt the world was hard and cold, it held me up when I felt that people around me were on such a different track to me that I couldn't connect with them. It has also helped me to understand and keep trying to be patient and love those around me, no matter what the differences may be. I love that each one of us is so very different, like a bag of mixed sweets that you've waited all day to tuck into! Ok bad comparison, but you get it, right?

I must stop digressing! Mantel/fire surround...This year I have my usual things on mine, with the handmade fabric garland added of course {which is available to buy in my WowThankYou store if you are interested in one yourself!}

Let me explain why I haven't done it all up.

My spray painted ornament on the left there is Mary on the donkey with baby Jesus and Joseph at the side. That is always on the fire surround, it's a precious thing in my living room that I had when we were living in Arizona another life ago. The simple blocks {that have the words hidden} spells home...to me that symbolises where I belong, home with my kids. Love is what I feel a lot of and don't have any inhibitions on sharing it or containing it, it's just how I rock 'n roll :) The candle holders, covered tin and cone is just there as per just as the photo tree is but it also signifies people in my family, my parents, my sister, my brothers and nieces and nephews as well as my granddaughters. The family, family tree, love, home and Jesus Christ are all what I am about and I hope what my kids are/will be about too.

So simple as it is it's my favourite part of the living room.

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