Thursday, 30 August 2012

Preparation &Thoughts

One week to go till school starts. One week to go till Kirsten starts college.

Life will not only return to a normal routine but it will require some serious planning and preparation for the latter part of the  year now.  There are 5 things I am actively working towards...

Bailey turns 2
Having a rather large doll house off my sister means Bailey gets a rather large doll house for her birthday....only Kirsten and I are decorating in inside and out as well as furnishing it. Reminds me of when I was a kid, I loved my dolls house!

bailey boo

Charley turns 8 a week later

I still can’t believe my lil dude is growing up so fast! It was only 5 minutes ago he was starting school so how has he got to be starting junior so quickly? I am determined he is having a party this year, the end the terrible 7th year of his life on a good note. He is super excited.


Charley gets baptised 2 weeks after that

Charley’s baptism is a huge decision he has made himself. I have never believed that  parents should force a faith on a child but they should choose it when they are old enough to know what it really means. When Charley and I sat down for some reading one day he asked if he is getting baptised on his birthday. This was a great opportunity to see what he felt and understood. {I don’t fit in with the ‘norm’ of my faith}. An hour later, many questions asked and as simple and truthful a response as I could manage he decides that he knows and believes enough to be baptised. So be it.

Baptism subway CL*This subart was taken from The Idea Door’s collection.

Home management

Probably a strange thing to roam around my mind amidst the daily life goings on but I can’t help but wonder if I have maintained any/some of the goals I had set when I moved into this house. I also know that over the coming months many things are set to change and I want to know my home can/will be run as efficiently as possible through that time. So I am setting up a home management folder so I can work towards things like food storage, budget renewal, diy projects for the rooms etc. With the kids chipping in this will also be a good learning tool for them to learn skills for their future too.


I’m not usually that prepared for Christmas but this year I’ve done a couple of things different and now I’m beginning to see the benefits of it. Such as:
A gift box ~ when I see appropriate and nice items on special I will add them to my box with a person in mind to receive it, depending on what they are and who they’re for I will also embellish some of these things, from jewels to personalising a name ~ something that makes it that little bit nicer.

Gift cards ~ my older boys are harder to buy for as they get older so this year I started adding a few quid each month to 2 different cards for them both. Along the way I’ve picked more up for my nephews, my daughter and my dad and his girlfriend. I used to think this kind of gift was a cop-out but I am converted...this way they can all get what they want most!

Food parcels ~ I have a couple of friends who struggle to get out and about much so with the British weather being unpredictable I decided that this year I am going to put my secret investigating into practice and put their favourite foods/snacks into a box for them along with a homemade file of fun but simple recipes. 

Accessories ~ Like many I made the most of the sales last January and stocked up on wrapping paper, tape and themed ribbons. This year I shall be making my own labels and tags and even personalised wrapping paper for some gifts. Lets not forget the candles and scents for our homes to smell like Christmas, winter, welcoming and just cosy-licious, they too have been taken care of.

One thing that is obvious in all our lives, if we don’t plan for it, chances are it wont happen, or at least it’ll be a shambles and while last Christmas was a lovely one this year we can celebrate more blessings than we ever thought possible. The biggest blessing of the year is.....


My beautiful second grand-daughter, almost 5 months old and a true treasure, just like her older sister, Bailey!

So no matter what else life throws at you there are some things that will always make you smile in your heart.


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