Monday, 27 August 2012

Magic Mondays

I still think of the old Boomtown Rats song ‘I don’t like Mondays’ when I think too much on that Monday feeling. I never did like that song! However, after a few months of sitting on my laurels and pretty much licking wounds and letting the events of 2011 shape me I am kicking back. I’ve had enough of life dictating how my day will go or how a situation with pan out. I’m not a control freak but sheesh, I can take more control than I have done.

And that is what I’m about to do!

So as of today I am declaring all Mondays as Magic doing that I invite you to join me. Each week will be something different to make the day better, brighter, happier till eventually we are spreading the Monday love around our little worlds.

magic monday logo

Feel free to add the button, if you want to join in the Magic Monday train please link your blog/site/facebook page or whatever so I can come and comment and cheer you on. Share what you do, encourage your friends and family to reach out to someone and give them a smile or two. The deed can be anything from a phone call to a letter, from a service to a lunch date. Whatever works for you is good enough!


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