Saturday, 28 January 2012

January is almost over…

When I moved into my house I gave myself the month of January to restock my thoughts and plans for this new year. I also gave myself the month off where work was concerned. Epic fail! I can’t help but love what I do and with opportunities arising I can’t close any door without giving it some honest thought.

As the month of January draws to a close I see how things are beginning to shape 2012. I feel like I almost have a new life and it feels refreshing, exciting and possible. I have enjoyed making blinds, table cloths, cushions and wall art for my home, I’ve enjoyed movie nights, cuddles on the sofa, girlie nights, making play doh people and baking. I’ve shared in reading exercises to help Charley’s dyslexia, played maths teacher and read well with my scriptures. I have had off the wall chats with my kids and made plans for the following year {and secured them, such as our holiday in August, my Single Adult temple week in Preston and other things}.
As I approach February I am planning not only my moms birthday but my sons too. I  have my friend of 25+ years coming to stay for a week, I also have a Valentine Party happening for Charley and his friends. This is the kind of life I want. The kind of life that is for living and for me it is about real people and less on the internet.
My work hours are set to school hours, less if I can get away with it but rarely will I be online during the evening unless my kids are in bed and my Sky recordings have all been watched! Lol
Only one thing is left for me to sort out at this point…a camera. Mine is broken. That is not good and it’s not the best time for him to do this to me. It’s personal. I can tell.
What has January held for you? What is happening in your February?

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