Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Kids have the best imagination

With the cold and damp weather already upon us I am constantly aware that my kids need a range of things to do that aren’t based around the tv. Charley has no problem with creating things to do…give him cardboard, sticky tape and/or a stapler and he’ll come up with anything and will spend hours doing it! So far he’s made:


Coloured pictures to jazz up the walls in the caravan when we were at Trecco Bay.


A battle ground for his lego kits from a box and papier mache.


A sword and a holster.


A mask.


A shield.

warrior meets crafting!

Covered them and personalised them.


Made a list of what else he can do…his ‘to do list’

Not to mention:

    • A laptop
    • Ipod
    • Iphone
    • Bed for his teddies
    • A computer screen

Today he was taken to the doctors for chest pains and a croaking cough that affected his breathing. Getting the heart and lungs all clear the doctor talked about perhaps getting Charley into a football club or something in addition to his usual activity as he may be physically expressing his stress, hence the pain. Being told to go on bedrest for the day he decided to do this instead:


Take 1 coat hanger & 1 plastic bag


collect a box of baubles


And you have your very own basketball game!

Kids are notorious for their imagination, I have stopped giving him a list of things to choose from but to let him tell me what ideas he has.

The best thing with this latest idea is both Kirsten and I can join in and have a hoot of a time with him!

What do your kids do when they are indoors?


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