Friday, 8 July 2011

Kids Packed Lunch

When Charley started full time school 2 years ago I would go all out to pack a fun, healthy lunch box that covered the 5 day and hoped it would come back empty. It sometimes did and sometimes didn’t. Twice in this last two weeks he’s had packed lunches (a school trip and sports day) and yet again I found I was spending far too much time wrapping my head around food that would last till lunch time in the heat we’ve been having. Over hearing another mum in the class I learnt that the school provide small fridges in each class for the lunch bags, I was very impressed and knew all would be well in my lil dudes tummy world!

So I went ahead and prepared his favourites:

  • wholemeal bread with chicken and bacon filling.
  • frube (yoghurt in a tube ~ strawberry flavour!)
  • 1/2 a bag of grapes
  • chopped apple
  • bag of chicken bites (high water content though)
  • chocolate bar
  • chopped cucumber & broccoli




On opening the box after school I was pleased to see that all it contained was rubbish and the crusts off the bread! Job done Smile The fact it was stored in a fridge has not only settled my mind but makes my lunch planning a lot easier. Well, that’s when he isn’t school dinners anyways.


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