Friday, 15 July 2011

Journalling & Studying

Just lately I have been an avid journal keeper, I’ve written about my thoughts, feelings, the day to day stuff with this house move, my friendships, my relationships, in fact anything that has been relevant to this stage of my life. By the end of each daily entry I find that I am a little closer to making sense of the mish-mash of thoughts lingering in my head. Even though the last but one post here I wrote had a very negative tone to it, it was a very big learning curve for me. I am too sensitive, I get defensive and I turn off but bit by bit I am trying to turn that around without hardening my heart. It’s not easy but I believe it’ll be worth it in the long term.
One of the things that helps me to calm and slow down the thoughts and put things in perspective is my journal, good scripture study and lots of notes when I’m reading a good book. I will often sit outside at the patio table armed with this lot…
Many a hour has been lost whilst I learned about a wide variety of things from ancient Prophets, the Atonement, the life of Gordon B Hinckley and understanding CSS! It’s so easy to get lost in a good book and I can’t think of a better pastime!
What is your vice? What makes you leave reality for a while?
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