Friday, 4 March 2011

Easter plans?

There are certain times of the  year that just don’t ‘do’ it for me. I mean, some events are just fun for the day but the day after it’s all over with, such as Valentine’s day, Pancake day etc. We {the kids and I} make novelty things to decorate the table, we have fun foods symbolising the theme etc but I can’t say I get super excited about them.

However, Easter is my ultimate favourite celebration of the year. I.Love.Easter!

For the last 2 years I have done a scripture chase with my kids lasting approx 3-4 hours each. In between each scripture they’d get a clue for a hidden egg, small gift and a scripture they had to learn and tell back to me as well as what their understanding of it was.

The first year we done this we watched a range of Lds childrens scripture cartoons in between and/or some talk from the General Conference.

No matter how many times I hear Elder Jeffrey R Holland’s talk, I am consumed with emotions. Shame, love, humility, gratitude and a deeper knowledge that God is real, that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he did, indeed live and die for me and each one of us. Nothing else that happens to me in life will ever lessen the knowledge and understanding I received of the trueness of the gospel.

My kids raved about it for weeks after! They gained a lot of love and respect for the Lord and recognised even in their lives how He blessed and protected them.

This year they want to do the same. I am thinking perhaps we should do something different….including the scriptures though…but what?

Do you have anything planned?


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