Friday, 28 January 2011

Working out with fun as the leader

Did you fall for the New Year Resolutions and now find that you missed that first hurdle? Maybe you managed a week or two then ‘forgot’ about it?

Me too!

I have to confess, I really don’t like working out, it’s gruelling and tedious. I used to work at Fitness First, years ago and we’d get free gym membership anytime we liked. Sometimes I would take advantage of this in my lunch break, other times I’d do it after my shift, but to be honest, I just never really got into it. So I got me a personal trainer, Steve. He was good, motivational, listened and wasn’t afraid to work me.

But it only lasted as long as the job.

So after moving here to the Forest of Dean I accidentally took up walking. It was a great time for me to walk with the dog, listen to music/talks/scriptures on my ipod, let my thoughts wonder and figure out a worry or challenge in life. So many of them have been calmly figured and concluded in those trees! I’ve prayed to my lil hearts content, I’ve figured out what I want from this life, who I am as a person and how I want to be.

3a (5)

Walking is probably the best thing I have done in a long time.

However, because I am a slow walker it's not an activity for me to lose weight or tone up. I’m more of a dawdler really! Winking smile

However, I do swear by the Wii Fit. Not just that one but any Wii workouts that help you build up your stamina, strength, balance, speed and agility. Playing games with the kids is included in my ‘workout’ because they get me playing stuff that I dread to think what I’d look like in real life! They had me skiing, of massive mountains and I’ve crash landed in the trees. I’ve played baseball and swung so hard I turned round and landed on the coffee table, only to miss the ball anyway. I have played {and got addicted} to golf to the point where I’ve threatened to rugby tackle my kids if they dare try stop me!

In all, the Wii has been and is a blessing in my life as well as my kids. I ache, I hurt and I feel like I’m close to death, and that’s just playing the games. So if you have  Wii, I urge you to get in there with the kids, have a load of fun and keep it in the back of your minds that you are losing weight with a very fun leader! Open-mouthed smile


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