Sunday, 23 January 2011

30 minute meal–Beef Hash & Jacket Potatoes

Sundays are for roasts. Meat, potatoes, vegetables, stuffing (according to the meat) roasters and all that but today, knowing I was going to be late home from church we decided we’d have Sheppard's pie. My kids all time favourite.

Remembering a meal I saw on Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals (well sort of remembering!) we opted for the following:

  • 2lb ground mince
  • brown off with a few thyme leaves (or a tsp. ground leaves if you have them)
  • once mince is browned add 6 tbsp. Worcester sauce
  • leave to totally cook till its a dark brown
  • add in some chosen, sliced vegetables
  • add a tin of butterbeans, including the liquid they soak in

Let it all simmer for approximately 15 mins then serve with fluffy mashed potatoes.


Different from Jamie’s but on the same track and just as delicious!


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