Monday, 13 December 2010

From the kitchen table…part VI

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You know those best laid plans? Well they fail. Ok not all of them but some. However, the good news is today is a new day, but not without its challenges.

The weekend’s checklists are firmly crossed off! Yay! I succeeded and surpassed my own expectations by 2 miles!! :D

Today, however, didn’t go to plan. This weekend my daughter was away at her dads, I searched high and low looking for her school t-shirts to get them ready for today. I know she didn’t go with them on and most of her room is still packed up while I finish up decorating and doing over stuff. But where on this earth could she have put two blue polo's shirts???

Anyway, still couldn’t find them this morning so we had to take off up to Ross-on-Wye and buy another. Two days before she breaks up! That meant I didn’t get on my course. It also meant that I didn’t get my knee x-rayed after I injured it quite severely last night. No, my daughter decided it was spanner-in-the-works time!

She didn’t mind the Kfc though. Neither did I!

The rest of the day though, is all about school plays. Charley is the king and he’s mighty glad not to be Joseph. When asked why, he simply said:

I don’t mind giving Jesus gifts mom but I am too young to be a dad!

What can you say to that?

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