Saturday, 25 December 2010

From the kitchen table…for the last time…sort of!

I forgot to share my before and after Christmas tree eh? Well here it is now, better late than never, as they say. Before:

today (107)


DSCF0706 I sprayed it with snow spray (which I don’t recommend because it smells awful for a couple of days after) then only added homemade decorations. Between sewing, hot gluing and paper crafting we decided to not over do it this year. There are 4 sets of lights on there but erm, they seem to have gone shy! ;)

Well, it’s now almost 6am and Santa has been. This is how I know:

DSCF0703 ended up as this:

DSCF0704 I also found a half eaten carrot in the hallway! ;) Charley will love the fact that all his chosen goodies were eaten, Santa remembered to bring the key back indoors and he even has  a letter and chocolate coins from the man himself! Steal!

Jay, Tara and Bailey managed to get here as planned on Wednesday, I can even begin to describe how chilled and happy my gorgeous granddaughter is. She laughs, she giggles, she watches and she takes it all in. I love to have her sitting in her bumbo seat I got her and sit her next to me whilst I’m doing stuff in the kitchen.

DSCF0692 Charley can’t get enough of her too, he so loves his lil niece:


As for auntie Kirsten, what can I say? She just ogles and hugs her all the time!

DSCF0687 No matter where Bailey is she’s happy. She loves to be cuddled yet she’s happy to be put down too. That is rather awesome!

What hit me as I was sorting the kids presents out was when I saw some gifts addressed:

To Nanna, happy Christmas, Love Bailey xxx

I went to put it on my mom’s pile then I realised it was me!! I received my first Grandma Christmas card and feel how my heart skips a beat when this perfect little person responds to my voice.

Kirsten decided to get Jay and Tara their mommy and daddy card, their very first one too. Life is full of first’s for all all, again, and it’s such a blessed feeling.

Now the presents are in their respective piles, the breakfast table is set, the to-do list (unfinished) is firmly in the bin, chocolate coins lead from Charley’s room to his gifts downstairs and dinner is prepared it’s finally time for me to sit and chill, and maybe I’ll get to watch Eclipse again before the kids get up.

Happy days.

Merry Christmas square 75 dpi JPG 

I hope you all have a truly wonderful time.

My children (like many parents) are my life, they are my reason, my purpose and I am blessed with four of them. It’s not always been easy or fun and at times I have wanted to just walk away from some of the worries and stresses. However, I didn’t, i couldn’t and although I am now feeling my age I know that I have so many rich blessings that I cannot help but turn my head and my heart towards the baby Jesus, his reason for coming to this earth and his ministry. Through all the trials of raising children, marriage, divorce, homelessness, rebuilding my life and myself and all things in between, I know that I could not have done it without the surety of the Lord in my life. With Jesus Christ I can overcome anything, I can fight and survive almost anything and though it may hurt or get me down, He has promised (us all) it is worth it to stay with it.

Whatever your thoughts and beliefs on Jesus Christ, I hope you take  a moment to mull it over, recognise how He does and has affected your life. Without Him none of us would stand much of a chance in this world.

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