Tuesday, 21 December 2010

From the kitchen table… part VIII


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The kitchen table has been a lil over loaded this week. From food lists to meal planning, from Christmas present ordering to present making, from baking to Christmas decorations. Today, I have done most of what I wanted to do by now, though if I’m honest I’d prefer to have got a few more things ticked off. However, given that the world wont end if my idealisms aren’t achieved I am quietly feeling rather chuffed with myself. Instead of a list, here is what I can check off so far:

DSCF0614 Quick cake stand. 2 cake plates covered in cardstock, trimmed with gold ribbon. The centres are left over stuff I had from the baking. The top one is the cup from icing and the bottom one is a jar. Both of which have lids that come off so when I store it, it can be taken to pieces. Clever eh?

DSCF0611 There was one small wall that was missing something. An old piece of canvas, covered with some fun Christmas fabric and finished with gold ribbon and fun letters are just the deal for the space.


Not as big as I’d have liked but this garland is the left overs from the branches I trimmed on the Christmas tree. I added ribbon to tie it all together, bows that I made and some holly. Those stockings there are tied on with matching snowman ribbon.


My thing is table pieces. I made this quick table centre mat and 3 coasters in a few minutes. Totally reversable and fun for any part of the coming festive celebrations.

DSCF0623 Small stuffed Santa sacks, perfect lil things for the tree. I also made:

DSCF0619DSCF0608 DSCF0617 to name a few. The branches there are sprayed with snow spray to add some festive humf to it.

Today the kids made some salt dough ornaments and used glass paint to decorate them. Glass paint is ideal for this kinda project because it only mixes together if you force it to and it gives an awesome 3d effect.


There was something missing on our piano, although it homes the singing reindeer, the whistling snowman and the nodding Santa there was something shiny, bright and fun amiss. I used an old book casing from Amazon, covered it with fabric and added some shiny gold card, fun letters and funky ribbon. Not brilliant but it’s gotten a lot of comments so far.

Last but not least are these lil fun babies:

DSCF0657which kept a certain 6 yr old amused whilst he made these:


DSCF0644 DSCF0647 Not too long later they were being dressed:

DSCF0652 and made into all kinds of bright, fun thingys:

DSCF0661 I bet you don’t have an ice cream cone on your tree eh? :P

DSCF0665 So now they are on drying out ready to go on the tree.

The kids are playing on the Wii, all I can hear is heavy breathing and belly laughs, that usually means they’re on the balance board. This is my cue to reassess the lists and make sure the bedroom is all done ready for when Jay, Tara and Lil Miss Bailey Boo arrive tomorrow…

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