Sunday, 7 November 2010

Why does my ex read my blog?

I was extremely amused {again} to find that my ex reads my blog! Yet again, I blogged an issue and he responded.

Predictable? Whatever but I am very flattered to think that the very negative aura he emanates towards me does not prevent him reading my waffle. I am also amused that he is intelligent enough to  insult my children. Hmm that’s very mature isn’t it? :)

I printed off 2.5 pages of response that he posted. He explained his point of view very well and for some of it I agree. However, I think what he has done is got so tangled up in defending himself that he’s forgotten the truth of the situation back when it all happened. But that’s ok. I haven’t.. I have all the back up in print that I need.

What surprises me though, none of the response was regarding Charley. It was very much along the lines of punishment to me. Erm, did you have an affair? Did you…never mind, I wont make it all public. But be sure, it will be forwarded to the relevant file for future reference.

Now, if you are so against me, which you have the right to be cos that’s just what ex’s seem to be like these days, then that’s ok, I don’t have a problem with that or you. Just that you feel that contributing to your son's upkeep does not seem to have any worth to you. Shame.

So, if you wish to continue to read this blog, that's fine. However, as Charley has his own blog which you have had an invitation to access, I assume it’s not your son you are interested in but me?

Oh I’d love to see your face right now!! I just know which expression you are wearing!! ;)

Shame it’s like this, shame you are so scared to admit you done anything wrong, shame you feel the need to change and delete many of the truths but really, the only loser is you. Charley is all he is because of a balanced, active and positive lifestyle based on morals, education, quality of living and time.  Not the money that you harp on about in your retort.

See you again? Soon maybe?


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