Friday, 12 November 2010

Simple Jewellery Storage

Whilst going through my costume jewellery I noticed how some of my nicest pieces were getting rather squashed in the box so I had a bit of an idea. Downstairs I was in the midst of ripping apart a cd holder unit, the slots that hold the cd’s came out in whole pieces, turn them sideways and look what you get:

1 (5)

When I get to it I shall spray paint it to match the accessories colour for the room and add some co-coordinating cardstock to the stripy bit and most likely add a favourite word, such as…nope, can’t think! So for now its a bit erm, cheap and original as well as practical! Another idea I had, which was totally by accident but one that I shall keep (though it needs some decorating):

1 (4)

Now I don’t mind admitting that I don’t really like all these extra things hanging around, I hate clutter, but having just a handful of items on my dresser (yes another thing that needs a makeover!!) is enough for it to be just right!!


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