Monday, 25 October 2010

What’s in a name?

When I changed from Sparkle the Imagination to The British Homemaker it was definitely more appropriate to what I wanted to achieve long term. Anyone who knows me will know that I have so many interests and fads that rarely does anything get finished! But crafts, baking (not the same as cooking!) making stuff from scratch, decorating and general homemaker has always been passions.

I had a friend who was so like minded we could have been sisters, not just with interests but life itself and over the time I knew her we’d often share ideas and I was always impressed with the meals I tried that she produced. In time I began to enjoy cooking. Again, anyone that knows me will freely admit that I have never been a lover of cooking in the slightest, even though I would make an effort with healthy meals, I done it because my family deserved it, certainly not cos I loved it!!

So tongue-in-cheek I became The British Homemaker, the friend (still is as far as I know) The American Homemaker so you can see the similarities we had and the gall of me to flip to my side of the pond eh? :) Well, I am doing some thinking lately and while I am loving the name I almost feel like I am fraud now as the friend and I don’t speak any longer and it’s a little too much to answer ‘how did you come up with your name?’ without being untruthful. I don’t want to answer questions about this person and what happened to our friendship. I don’t want to discuss it with anyone.

So I’m not sure what to do.

Do I change the registered business name? Change the websites domains that I have already paid for (and don’t plan on using for a while) and change all the stationary etc or do I just grin and bear it?

Lesson? Don’t choose a business name that tongue-in-cheeks your friend! One or the other could flip the other way without any notice and then your stuffed.

Unless your fearless and it just doesn’t phase you.

But I’m not tough.

I’m just me being the best I can trying to figure out something that reminds me of what used to be and leaves me unsure of what will be.



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