Friday, 17 September 2010

I Care. Unconditionally.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel things. Sometimes I wish I just didn’t care about people or situations. Sometimes I wish I just didn’t care.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a ‘care in the world’ in the literal sense.

I’m told, so often that I care too much, or I should not care so much or better yet that I should control my caring.


Well, when I think about this in the quiet of my room my heart is turned to Jesus Christ. He cares. Unconditionally. He wants us to care. Unconditionally.

He was vulnerable, he hurt, he was abused, ridiculed and tortured. But He still cared.

To me that is unconditional caring.

While I don’t think for one minute that I should be treated as He was, I do think that to be more like Christ I should not condition my caring to conform a ‘what if’ strategy. Neither should I condition it to only care when I get something in return. So that leaves me vulnerable, or does it? No, it leaves me open to upset, hurt and being let down and that is the risk I take when I choose to care in the way I feel it.

Yes I have been used. I’ve been lied to. I’ve been sneered at.

But shame on them.
Our Lord and Savior ministered personally to the people, lifting the downtrodden, giving hope to the discouraged, and seeking out the lost. By His words and actions, He showed the people that He loved and understood and appreciated them. He recognized the divine nature and eternal worth of each individual. Even when calling people to repentance, He condemned the sin without condemning the sinner.

L. Tom Perry, “A Solemn Responsibility to Love and Care for Each Other,” Liahona, Jun 2006, 56–60

So you see, the people of the world can carry on as they will. They can choose to let the world adapt their inner self or they can be true to the one person they claim to follow. To each their own.

Just like me.

I choose to love. I choose to help. I choose to care.

I love to care.

I get something out of caring. I feel useful, lifted, strengthened.

If that leaves me open for ridicule then to me, that suggests that person has some issues.

Do YOU care?

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