Monday, 12 June 2017

The Connection Revealed

I said yesterday that I would reveal the connection between The British Homemakers business page on Facebook, this blog and my here it is.

Over the last year I have improved my relationship with food, not only to lose some unwanted pounds but to improve my heath. Having gained 6 diagnosed conditions and 2 undiagnosed, it wasn't long before I was acutely aware that what I was or wasn't eating and drinking was affecting my joints, energy levels, sleep and concentration quite a lot.
So after much research I decided to join Juice Plus as a franchisee.
I joined the business before I tried the products! It wasn't long though before I was on the complete shakes and the premium capsules. Then I tried the boosters.
Once I sat and looked into clean eating and tried a variety of new meals and snacks I was hooked.
I've spent a lot of time trying to find myself in how I project my business and most times it has worked but for me there's something missing.
I also had a struggle to know what to do with The British Homemaker b/c I haven't done that as a business for years now and yet I couldn't quite let it go.
Then a few days ago it just hit me.

Why hadn't I thought of it before?

Re-brand my business AS The British Homemaker again!! I mean, it's all about homemaking and we have to cook/eat, right?

So now I feel totally stupid I'm also rather proud of myself!! 🤣

So now I get to share all the things I do at home whilst sharing the benefits of clean eating, taking 30 fruit, veg and berries and how to improve health.

This makes me so excited!!

So let me just share one more thing for now

There's going to be a lot more recipes coming along, detox plans, shake ideas, water infusion recipes as well as diy, sewing projects, good books to read and much, much more!

The British Homemaker has just found her second wind!!

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