Sunday, 11 June 2017

Shall we try again?

I'm not even gonna get into why there are no former posts for so long!


I've slowly been resurrecting The British Homemaker Facebook page 😼

I've also been busy branding myself via my business.

My party business has taken a back seat due to arthritis progressing and limiting me on many levels, I now only do it when I'm asked specifically.

But it's not an option for me to not work, so I bought a franchise business last year.

💙💙 And I am totally loving it! 💙💙

Already hitting my promotion, I am spurred on to brand even more. I love my customers and teammates and I even love Network Marketing, which I had very little idea what it was beforehand!

At home, it's been all go. With the house part way through being redecorated, thanks to my friend, Donna, the garden having its own kinda makeover with downsizing our pool to an 8' one instead of 14 I'm left with more space to jazz up. The caravan is sat in the car park, almost finished but deserted b/c I just haven't had time to finish the last few things and get her out and about.

Trying to get a serious photo from him is almost impossible!! 

My youngest kid is now in high school. He's totally loving it and doing fantastic. He plays the drums and guitar and loves all things to do with YouTube and videography. He's quite the geek! 

B/c he's as weird as they come!!

He is also being head hunted for modelling!

Then there is my youngest grandkid, my only grandson, Jensen...who is a total Nanna's boy!

As soon as he walks in the door, the goes looking for the lil hoover!

Driving Nanna's car is about the best thing ever!

B/c he totally fits in our families version of normal! :) 

That's a lil bit of what is what in my life right now. I will share a whole lot more over the coming weeks and months. 
So, what will I actually be sharing that's connected between my business, Facebook and The British Homemaker?

Well, that will be revealed tomorrow 😉

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