Thursday, 16 July 2015

October to July... WTF(lip)?!?!

If good intentions were as visible as the lack of posts here I'd have a pretty full blog!

However, since the last post... all the way back to October last year (!!!) I have got lost in the fun, challenges and happenings of life.

The diary I keep for this blog is still sat on the shelf next to me, loaded with things I've noted down or added to share here, but still they sit.

At the moment I am working like a trojan getting orders out, preparing for my youngest to finish school for the summer and getting the caravan finished ready for us to take off on our travels. There is so much to share that I'm not sure where to start.

When I started this blog I had so many hopes for it, so many things I wanted to share, experiences to lean back on and places I wanted it to go, a few years on my business has taken over much of my days, my health is up and down so I have to accredit that the time it needs to get back in control and I have a weakness for hanging out with my friends and family when I can too.

So going through the folder I think I will start with some of the more recent stuff then gradually add the tutorials and freebies I'd put aside. I've also slotted in one hour per week to schedule my blog posts both here and on my personal blog and my caravanning blog, Hopefully this will be enough time to share the stuff worth sharing and maybe encourage you to let me know your thoughts in return.

On that note, I think I'd like to introduce you to Faith, a new member of our family that joined us three weeks ago and is undergoing a makeover...

This was taken mid makeover, the ugly brown units need replacing entirely but as it's so close to school ending I wanted to just get her shimmied up ready to go, then in the winter months I shall do a major overhaul on her.

My daughters friend, Chris is doing all the work (listening to some awful music on his laptop there!) for me whilst I focus on the curtains and other accessories. Kirsten is doing the shopping for the essentials so between us it's taking less time than I expected.

I had some buntings left over from an order, I was so chuffed when I come up with the idea of making them into cones which can hang on the ceiling for further storage of small bits. My granddaughters love them and made me promise not to put sweets in there else they'd have to climb!!

I love sewing. 90% of my work is sewing so making things for myself is very unusual for me so I'm loving it.

I wanted to keep the makeover to a minimal cost so I used some old lamps I'd got stored in the shed, added a little fabric and buttons and hey presto!

I'd like to say that the chalkboard table on the kids (10 yr old son, 4 and 3 yr old granddaughters) side of the van is only an excuse. One day they'll realise I 'visit' them to draw on their table top!!

Don't you just love pretty lights? This is just one of four sets I have up... so far :)

I couldn't decided on this area, with limited wall space it was a toss between a fabric holder I'd made and the cute little vinyl... as you can see, the vinyl won :)

When the van is ready to be attached to the car, that's the time it'll be done for the next few months, at that point I'll do a reveal of before and after, even now it's mighty big!!

So I hope you stick around, leave a comment, drop me a message or send a wave, it's nice to know I'm not talking to myself :D


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