Friday, 7 March 2014

Ikea, what's not to love?

Hands up if Ikea makes your palms go sweaty, heart racing and brings you to your knees with sheer excitement?

Yep, me too :)

So a few weeks ago I decided to see if their reputation for fitted units was really true, or if I'd have to get the saw out and do some additional alterations for a shelving system in  my kitchen. I was not disappointed, in fact, the measurements were totally spot on for the space I wanted to fill!

The Expedit range - ideal for almost anywhere in the home/office.

You see, my kitchen is a multi-function room. Not only do we cook/eat there but I do my crafting/work there too and now it's where Charley does his school work. Storage shouldn't have been a problem in this house, it's quite big for a 3 bed but somehow I needed all the storage in the same room. It was by accident that I came across this range so I took the plunge.

My too much growing amount of craft stuff (even though I have decluttered and rehomed much of it) meant that if I didn't get this right it would be sitting in boxes forever. My friend, Jamie put this unit together for me one night and I instantly became the happiest girl on the planet! The cubes are 13" x 13" x 20" 5 across by 5 high, that makes for a generous amount of space for the baking books, crafts, kitchen gadgets and school stuff not to mention extra space on the top. I still use a four drawer unit (a gift from Kirsten for Christmas) for the smaller things but by using cute boxes I can contain the go-to items I use most.

This unit has been a huge good move, it's totally sturdy, excellent quality and fit for purpose abundantly. I was so impressed that I decided to get the 4 cube square one for the teens room (in beech effect) and plan to get one for my room to finally have a set up for the sewing machine and fabrics.

This totally gets a 10/10 from me. 

What storage solution have you fell upon?


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