Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Do you homeschool?

A couple of months ago I made the huge decision to homeschool Charley. I confess that I'm not a believer in homeschooling based on the fact that I'm  one of those moms that likes to divide up my time to equal a balance, with the kids in a school it's meant I could work, do the momsy stuff or other stuff. I also think it's healthy for the separation. But, given that the new school is currently in the process of being built right on the development site I live on and the fact that the school he was at was as helpful and supportive as a wet roll of tissue paper it was the only choice I could make and keep some of my sanity.

The first peace of advice when I asked around other homeschooling parents (both UK and USA friends) was to 'relax', 'de-school', 'take control of how you want to educate'. After 21 years of having at least one child in school, let me tell you the 'de-schooling' was the hardest thing I found. The whole routine of bedtime routine, morning routine, drop off times, homework, reading, uniforms, lunch money, trip forms and all other things that come with school has left so much time 'free' that we finally get more time together. The stress levels (on my part) is less even though I'm still working on the shifting the guilty feeling that's nagging away at me that I may not offer the in depth variety that the school does. I do have a very good and supportive Elective Home School team that assures me that what I've come up with is very good.

It still wont change the fact that when the new school is up (said to be opened this coming September) Charley will still be attending traditional school. I'm grateful though that the social side to his life isn't suffering. With Karate started last week, a possible football club that doesn't play on Sundays and his church life (which we are till adapting to now I'm more mobile again) I know he's going to be just fine.

For a while, while I was getting it all together Charley was rather excited, thinking he'd not do so much work.

Sorry son, I'm still the wicked witch that will keep you workin'! ;)

Homeschooling, yes or no?

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