Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Homemade chore door hanger

I'm always grateful that my kids will help around the house, not only their usual 3 tasks per day but anything I need doing, within reason. Since my arthritis diagnosis I've been less able to maintain the home to the standard I like so we've become more of a team than ever before. With Charley being 9 now he's not past the visual glory of reward charts and chores lists so when I saw this project yesterday I loved it. I knew Charley and Kirsten would too for a couple of reasons. I wonder if other parents make the same mistake I do...

Taken from Discount Queens
I am constantly being told off for giving the kids too many jobs in one go! I keep a file that has the entire household management system in place {which I'll talk about on another post}This door hanger is perfect as the kids can do it themselves, you chop and change what chores need doing in the room and the kids just swap the place where they pegs are. And you can get as creative as you like with making them!

Today Charley and I are working on 8 of them. One for each door in the house so at any time they can do the tasks needed and I won't come across as nagging! ;) My teen likes the idea b/c as she often gets 3/4 jobs upstairs in one go while I'm doing something downstairs, she forgets so as this can be a creative tool that we all take on {how many times do we walk into a room to do something and forget?} and work together to get chores done. I also love the fact that it doesn't need to stop at chores either. It can be a reminder for younger children who are learning to be a little more responsible such as:

  • brushing teeth
  • pack school bag
  • hang coat up
  • homework
I've gathered the bits together to complete 8 so here is a quick list to what you will need:

  • Card - cereal boxes or any other box will be fine
  • Paints/Crayons/Felts - let the kids imagination go
  • Cardstock - if you want a more styled holder use some favourite paper/card
  • Glue
  • Pegs - use as many as you need and perhaps decorate them too
  • Jar/tub - it's probably a good idea to hold extra chore pegs in a jar/tub nearby 
  • Accessories - depending how much you want to jazz it up, washi tape, gems, ribbons, buttons, die cuts etc will personalise it

When we have ours complete I'll link back to this post and share what we've come up with but in the meantime, please pop over to the origin of this idea {as far as I'm aware anyway} and see the other great stuff they do.

I'm looking forward to making a start on this new idea, I'm confident it will be a welcome tool for us all but it's definitely going to save a lot of sighing and huffing and puffing!

I'd love to see what you come come up with, if you make this yourself don't forget to comment and tag me your blog/photo acc or whatever you use.

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