Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sponsorship from Pink Apple Studios

If you read yesterdays post you will see that Charley's birthday party last month was photo'd by the talented Pink Apple Studio team, Jamie and Sharon.

Hiring their services was the best money spent, the kids interaction with a camera was funny and hilarious. They posed their most geekiest faces and poses and tried out the weirdest poses. They captured the quiet moments when the children were eating and chatting as well as running round the field in the rain having water fights. The food table, food and general goings on throughout the day are being compiled into a book for Charleys future memories.

I received a disc of all the photos taken, one that is watermarked with their company name and another set without. There is no limit to the photos they take and no limit to the strange things they say to get the children relaxed, all appropriate of course!

Meet Mr Jamie Kinloch... the man who loves to play, laugh and interact with people.
Sadly, the only way this photo got taken was b/c his partner and fiance, Ms Sharon Buck was clicking it!
One day I'll get her on camera though, you just watch!

Jamie and Sharon integrate into the event, when some children were shy they simply relaxed them with chit chat until eventually they forgot the camera and before long playing up to it. It's a definite skill.

From September 2013 Pink Apple Studios are now a sponsor of Design my Party {Uk}

Pink Apple Studios can be found in Bridgwater, Somerset. They have travelled a good portion of the Uk and are in demand for weddings, baby and family studio sessions, boudoir shoots, parties and some very specialised and fun events that are still being designed and set up! Hop on over to their website and see some of their work then give them a like on Facebook! Tell 'em I sent you :)


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