Saturday, 26 October 2013


One of the things I took on board when I was active in the Lds church was the preparedness they encouraged. This covers a whole range of things from food storage to car breakdown, from family emergencies to power shortages.

With the Uk on various weather alerts there's a lot of talk on whether it'll happen or not but I like to air on the side of caution and prepare for the worst. The one thing I don't like is being caught out with such things so I figured I'd share what I've done to prepare my family for the severe rain and winds, cos one thing is for sure, we ain't going anywhere! The following suggestions are just that, they will vary family to family but some are pretty standard, however I'm not sure how long the bad weather is set to last so I'm working on a 7 day period.

~ Be sure you have plenty of the staple foods such as bread, milk, potatoes. If you have a plastic box you can store some outside if you can't fit them in your fridge.
~ Check you have enough meals for each member of the family for the next 5-7 days allowing for 3 meals a day.
~ If possible, make up/buy a small hamper to help out a neighbour who may not otherwise be able to cope in severe situations.
~ Have some treats! 
~ In the event of a power shortage stock up on candles (and paper plates to catch the drips) and matches or a lighter.
~ have a decent torch and a good supply of batteries.
~ Be sure to get any medication and first aid supplies that you may need.
~ Check your blankets, duvets and any other items that can keep you warm in case of a failure in heating/electric etc.
~ Work out a masterplan to communicate with friends/family, Internet may not always be up and running and mobile airways could well get clogged up.
~ Be sure to have plenty to do, get creative and don't let the boredom set in, it could be a trying time.
~ Call a family meeting, have a chat at the dining table and come up with a plan with the kids. It can be scary enough with torrential rain but the winds as well can overcome anyone. Being mentally prepared is important too.
~ If you have pets, be prepared to spend a lot of time reassuring them.
~ If you can have vulnerable family members stay with you if they live alone. They may not want to and thats ok, just let them know you are happy to have them stay over.
~ Have at least half a tank of fuel in your car.
~ If you are in the red or amber zones you may consider an emergency get away bag for each family member. If anything happens that you need to leave home suddenly, be prepared.
~ Have a box of food/drink and blankets in the car. Think of it as a second home just in case you do get to do an emergency move.
This is not a full and conclusive list so if you want to comment and add to it i'll happily edit and add what I can. I'd hate for anyone to get caught out because they don't believe the weatherman! If you are in a financial bind please, please just do what you can. Whatever else, just don't take this lightly and get caught out.

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