Sunday, 20 October 2013

Plans. Planner. Planning. Not yet Planned though!

I love to plan things out, look at the detail and see how I can personalise it and/or make it easier.

This means I often spend too much time on the little things and not enough on the relative things which also means that I then end up being a headless chicken right up to the last minute.

But I'm a new person. Ok, not quite. But I have a plan...

You know how every year we say 'next Christmas I'm going to be so organised it won't know what's hit it?' Yeah, I fall for it too. I plan it out, month by month, adding birthdays and other dates in along the way then bang! One hurdle and I'm right on my tushy wonderin' what the heck happened.

But then there was light! Thanks to the sometimes debilitating arthritis I have to pace myself, especially through flare ups that can happen for a couple of days {who am I kidding, the shortest one I've had has been 8 days!} up to a few weeks so as part of my psychological acceptance I have decided to use that time to plan, plan and plan. The masterplan is to use up all the 'plan' words to the professional level. Yep, I'm optimistic! Hehe

By the end of the flare up I have not only planned but I've prepared too. Sweet eh? :)

Photo from HGTV

Halloween is just round the corner then there's Christmas. I'm not huge on Halloween but last year Charley got into it much more than previously and this year he wants to go bigger and better. I feel a flare up coming on! Lol Anyhow, we are having our friends over, Jamie and Sharon, we're dressing up, making cupcakes, witches fingers and other fun, halloweeny edibles with scary music for the trick or treaters and tricks to play on them! Last year was awesome with all the kids that came to the door, this year will be better! When I have the photoshoot over with I'll post some photos of the things we've come up with and hopefully someone will read it and actually comment! :P

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Christmas.... lets just say its a breeze... no don't, that's just tempting fate! More on that later though :))

I'm wondering what your favourite time of year is and why. Want to share?


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