Wednesday, 16 October 2013

On a more positive note....

It's a good job no-one is perfect! I know I'm far from it. It plays on my mind when things are wrong between me and another if they wont be up front about things with me. After all, what do they think I'm going to do? I've always maintained if I am causing you to be unhappy come and talk to me, let me explain, apologise and/or put right. I don't like contention yet I find it a lot within the one community I expect it least and by not talking about it is more damaging than anything because the natural inclination is to jump it up out of all proportion to the point where you loose sight of what the original issue was!

But I can't fix everything. I'm not everyone cup of tea and I'm ok with that. I pray for many people, whether I like them or not. Liking someone is not a requirement but a respect is. If I don't like someone I have two choices, tell the world or keep it to myself. I choose the latter but I will always be respectful to that person, just not associate with them. Seems fair, right?

So, on a positive note, I thought I'd share some photo's from Charley's 9th birthday party a month ago! I had some friends do the photography (Pink Apple Studios) and I created a theme around water. Originally he wanted a water fight party but this was not going well with our typical british weather! However, after much thought I decided to go ahead with it, rain or not the kids were going to get wet so what was the difference?

The day started off with a slight panic but it all came together brilliantly. Kirsten's friend, Chris hosted the water fight with 9/10 kids over the field near us where he set them a mission, got them firing water guns, blasting water bombs and running round the field, up and over the mounds, behind bushes and all manner till they were drenched, laughed out and ready to drop!

The instructions....

in position....


The birthday boy.

Once the mission was completed it was time to head back to Sweets HQ for a change and a warm up before digging in....

Then it was time for photos with the birthday boy...

I think it was safe to say the kids loved it!

Then comes the ballon fight with the photographer, who is just as much a kid as the kids are!

Last but by no means least, the pinata... Buzz Lightyear just didn't stand a chance with this lot!
A week later they were still talking about it.
The official party time was 2-4pm
The last guest left at 7.30
We also ended up having a sleepover
Success, methinks!

A few party photos of the table...

All party food above was by me but just look at the birthday cake...

a three tier pool cake!

Made with little people

just for Charley!

By the clever Emma from Rainbow Bakes!
By the time Charley hit his bed he was so wiped out he was slurring his words! He leaned over the end of his mid-sleeper, hugged me and whispered 'thanks for the most amazing birthday party, mom' before hitting the pillow till 7am the next day for school.

These are the moments that count. The moments my youngest child will look back on and say 'remember when...' and I'll giggle secretly knowing the two weeks prior almost killed me physically yet was worth every sore joint, pain and stiffness that followed for the next 4 weeks! This is one day through 2013 that neither Charley nor I will forget in a hurry!

Next party theme... halloween....


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