Friday, 25 October 2013

10 fun & simple crafts for halloween

Last year was the only year I've really liked Halloween and that's because Charley got into it and wanted to do something slightly ever so scary but even though it rained it still turned out to be a great evening round here. This year I'm adding to our Halloween goodies and was looking for some ideas, {these are not credited to the rightful owners but I'm happy to if anyone knows whose they are} So lets begin.... 

1. Any old jar with what I assume to be a small candle inside. Raid your first aid kit for bandages {99p shop will also have some I'm sure. Add a couple of googly eyes and off you go. I'd be inclined to add some wire round the top to form a handle. Naturally not suitable for young kids.

2. Sausage mummies. If they make it to the table I congratulate you!

3. A collection of cakes, sweets and cake pops. Who wouldn't love these?

4. Yep I'm craving the sweet stuff this year.

5. I bought a baby pumpkin just for this purpose. I know some of my American friends are huge on the whole Autumn/Fall decorating but sadly us Brits haven't caught on yet!

6. I can't remember what these are made of but I know they're covered in white chocolate!

7. Fun for handing out to the trick or treaters.

8. These make me smile. Awesome biscuits with the pumpkin face, I want one!

9. I love decorations for any event/season/theme and this is just so adorable. 

10. A little more fiddly but fun anyway. Paint the inside of the jars then decorate the outside with funny faces. Permenant sharpies are just as good for the decorating.

What are you doing for Halloween? What are you making?


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