Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Cruising through life in the middle lane

I used to think about this blog all the time. Note everything I wanted to share, photo things just for blog purpose and even wake up at night with ideas.

But I lost the will to keep it up. My readership stats are quite good but as all bloggers know, comments keep you spurred on. So I'm hit and miss with it all now, even though I am 'in talks' with someone to do a joint come back in November. Nothing is finalised yet though.

However, here I am, chatting, again :)

SJ, my puddy tat,  has the moves for my words. Chill. Relax. Enjoy.

I'm not living a fast and furious lifestyle anymore. I don't work 50+ hours a week (probably around 30-34 now including the middle of the night sessions!) I don't race round making my house all spotless and magazine worthy, I don't have a to-do list that grows with daily must-do's. I also don't stay up till midnight making sure every inch of woodwork is shining.

Nope, I do what I can each day, the Teen does her chores, the Dude does his and together we've created a peaceful and relaxed little haven. Why did I always want the perfect house?

So whilst I'm cruising through the middle lane of life, work is progressing very well, home is as good as perfect and life itself is peaceful. My arthritis is still another family member and always will be but I have a very good medical care plan so I work with it inf flare ups and pace myself when all is calm.

I guess I'm just counting my blessings really, this last few days have caught up with me after a 2 week marathon stint of designing, planning and hosting Charley's 9th birthday party, Yep, it almost killed me but the Dude and his friends on the day were ecstatic. Water Fight Party... with a professional 3 tier cake from a talented friend who is a cake maker and some other friends who are professional photographers were also present.. photo's to come in a few days, they're just being edited!

Cannot get it in my head that my lil Dude is now 9. He is totally awesome and of course I'm bias!

Not really sure what the purpose of this blog is today, perhaps there isn't one.

Sometimes 'just because' is just enough! :)

Happy Wednesday people!


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