Saturday, 20 July 2013


Hello! I have my ponderings back this week, things that hang out in my mind and I lazily let them stroll and lay out...

How many of these do we pass on Facebook? How many do we share, agree with and even see them for what they sometimes are, defensive and/or put down comments? They reveal so much more if us than we think, and sometimes it's not a good or fullness revelation either!

With just a few words we can give totally the wrong impression of something, just like too much information can be overkill.

I learn a lot about people by what they post on Facebook and Google+ and for the most part it's good, real and heart warming. I'm continually defining how I want to view my facebook, (Google is more where i interact more generically and i find a more accepting and interactive platform than facebook) what I read and what I share has to be in sync with the friends I read about, at least in some way it other.

Now and again I find something that is a momentary comment, it can answer a question for a short period if time to recoup the whirlwind of life or it can reveal something not quite so endearing at all.

This simple poster caught my eye with the word 'sometimes'. I'm not sure how you read and perceive it but to me I've taken it to be that for a period of time in our lives, to get back on track, work through a rough patch or some other life challenge its ok to draw in, stop serving others for a minute, prioritise something for you, focus on becoming whole again. When you have reached your goal, off you go again, live to your fullest, reach out to others, help, support, guide and teach them in a small or big way you can... And have the certainty that all the work, effort and probably tears you've just been through will show just how awesome and special you really are!

Sometimes, stop what your doing for others, help yourself, spoil yourself, spend time with yourself. It's surprising how much more we really are but don't give ourselves a chance to be!

Confession: this last few weeks I've rode a roller coaster, from my car engine blowing up, losing income from not working (need a car where I live) trying to manage and accept arthritis, family upsets and general crap, it was no wonder I hit depression, being naturally happy most if the time is/was no deterant! Talking about it helped but more than that was the time I took to for me. I removed the negative objects, cried, ranted and reasoned. I sought GP help and took just ONE anti depressant pill. Something inside me was changing, I nurtured it and I'm glad I did.

Today I am on week 2 of being more like my old self again. No anti depressants just the reminder that they are there if I ever feel I can't do it in my own. I wake up happy, sometimes in physical pain but that's a reminder if many other good things. I have the proverbial spring in my step again, I am feeling light as a feather inside and most if all.... I like me again.

Sometimes. What a cool word, don't you think? Gives us the green light to stop and go with all things in life ;) in proportion, perspective and in honesty we can achieve so much, from declutter ing a box to changing someone's mood, the possibilities are endless when we take on the word: "sometimes" in it's truest form.


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