Sunday, 14 July 2013

5 things I love about summer

We are loving being in the garden for the most part of the day and evening at the moment, this heatwave has recharged our batteries as if we were solar powered!

Charley isn't keen on playing out at the moment but I don't want him stuck on the Xbox 360 or Minecraft day in day out so I've been thinking up enticing things to break up his time {I have the summer holiday to fill up yet so serious brain storming needs to happen soon} anyway, this is what we've been up to together.

1. We needed a pool. Yes, needed! Not a small one but one that would fit the small garden we have, Morrisons to the rescue there :)

By the time we measured, compared sizes/shapes we opted for this one, best £20 ever.

2. Then came a sleepover, tucking poor Jake up on bed seemed to amuse them more than the Xbox or play station they went up to play on!!

3. I love spray paint. Nothing is sacred here and as I'm beginning to work through some decorating I'm also changing colours in most the rooms so charley and I got to work.


To go with...

Ok that's more for me but the dude has been loving sanding, undercoating and painting!!

4. Replanting the flowers isn't high on my fun list but charley loves gardening do we found a fun way to keep me entertained!

While we were at it we made some goodies to decorate the gazebo



5. Last but definitely not least there's....

Water fights and a lot of laughing! We've also covered rock painting, salt dough shapes for a garden mobile inside the gazebo, a stupid amount of ice cream eating, visited two beaches {brean and burnham-on-sea} and a little snoozing but theses 5 were the best.... They were the times I had Charleys undivided attention and I love that!!

What have you done in this heat? Did you choose to stay home it go out?

Ps apologies for any typos whilst I blog from my phone :)

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