Saturday, 1 June 2013

30 days of blogging challenge

I can't even say the title without laughing out loud! There was a time I was avid at blogging, always looking for something fun, tip worthy and/or humourous to share but for a while now I have been focusing on the business. With setbacks attributed to the arthritis and other life events I have focused more on the real life of creating party collections than I have online, in fact, I sit here, at the computer for the first time in two weeks. Seriously!

However, when it was suggested in one of my groups about getting daily blog ideas for the whole month of June my brain done somersaults! I knew I had to take Kairen up on this and I got all hot and dancy! ;)

Blog every day in June

So from today....come join us....that link up there on the right.... see it? Hop on over to join the fun...oh and link up too, we'll all join you on your blog as well :) Last but not least, I have added a page {up top} to list anyone who is joining link me your blog in the comments and when I've commented on your post I'll add you to the page :)

Day 1: Tell us all about how you got into crafting OR Craft something that is pink

Oooh I have to go with the pink, I am so loving pink this last few months and very much without trying my kitchen is growing pink goodness!

Lets take a little tour here:

The Cafe area....every home must have one, right?

The unit that holds the most used fabrics. I love the little crochet banner there :)

Music/Movie corner... perfect for the 99.99999999% of the time I'm in the kitchen!

Crochet seat covers. 'Nuff said! :)

The bottom of the unit, homes a range of sewing stuff and play doh/salt doh recipe goodies.

Handmade wreath, displays cards made by my granddaughters {and other bits in vane hope of reminding me of things!}

This candle holder was cream but I figured it would look better pink. Yeah? :)

Can you imagine my excitement when I found a pink kitchen somewhere on facebook? Oh boy, I fell in love but I have to say, I wouldn't quite go that far...but thats not conclusive! :)

I cant accredit this to the  rightful owner in all if anyone knows who it's from I'm happy to say :)

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