Sunday, 2 June 2013

30 days of blogging challenge. Day 2

Day 2: Tell us all about your favourite craft gadget and why it’s just the bees knees OR Craft something that has a summer theme

This one is a tough one to decided between, in short my favourite craft gadget is my sewing machine, Kitty. She is easy, fast, modern and just never lets me down! Once Kitty and I get started we are lost in our own lushness for hours on end :)

I decided to hike with the summer theme though, simply because I don't have photos of Kitty but I do of the one corner of my garden right now...

Just in case you missed it, I love colour! Having such a long winter meant I had to enjoy the British weather as much as I could while I out came the spray paint! Nothing was spared left out :)

The old wrought iron parasol stand got the green... bright green!

A metre of lush fabric from Nortex Mill and the table looks happy!

Since I took these photos the rotary washing line is now a bright purple and I've decided to paint the parasol pole yellow....yet to be done. It's a start! :)

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