Tuesday, 4 June 2013

30 day blogging challenge. Day 4

Day 4: What is your craft/s? What is it about this craft/s that floats your boat so much OR Craft something that has a flower theme

Hmm again, Kairen has put some good thought into these prompts. I'm going to talk a little about crafts and why it 'works' for me.

You see, I love all kinds of crafts, from scrapbooking to altering items, from sewing to woodworking and more. However, I always come back to working with cardstock, fabric and spray paint. Those three key items are the inspiration and solution to many things in my life and home.

There is not much that we cant create/recreate with the above mentioned. I've taken old fashioned furniture and transformed it with cardstock and spray paint, saving a few quid on buying new stuff. I've made curtains, blinds, table cloths, cushion covers, car sorter holders, table mat sets, bags, wording a whole lot more that has served as much appreciated gifts as well as decorations in my home. I love the chill out time of creating, I love the design work knowing I'm working to make it as personal to the receiver as much as I can. I love seeing the face of someone who openly appreciates what I've done. 

When I create my party decorations and accessories I have already consulted with my client, I have a good insight to the birthday boy/girl as if they were my own and each collection is perfectly designed and made up  to make them happy. When a customer is happy I get off on the buzz. The payment becomes secondary when I see the expressions and the gleeful cries of a happy customer.

I am trying to avoid putting my business online too much right now,  primarily b/c I know there will come a time that I will be more housebound that I am now so I want to keep real life in my work as much as I can not to mention that to post one of my collections somewhere in the UK can be quite expensive, given the RM price hikes lately! So mixing up this post a bit I'm going to share a photo of something I made with flowers on it...

I made this particular tag book a few years ago but I've just replicated it x 20 for a girls party where she wanted to add in photos and give to her guests. Pretty neat idea eh? :)

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