Monday, 3 June 2013

30 day blogging challenge. Day 3

Day 3: Describe yourself in 5 words OR Craft something in the colour blue

I could kick myself now! I made three framed pictures for Paul's birthday {my other half} and I haven't taken any photos of them! Being a Tottenham Hotspurs nut it was inevitable that I work on something on that theme for his bedroom {especially as I am the one that inadvertently decided on the colour of his room! (We don't live together)} So I'm going to have to move on and describe myself in 5 words. Can it even be done?

Ok here we go:

1. Happy. Extremely rarely do I get down and grumpy, even with the arthritis and/or other life challenges. It's a choice I'm glad I made a while ago.

2. Home bird. I love being home but I love to have to choice to go off and wander, be it shops, a day out, visit friends, family etc. My home is my nest and I am a typical mommy bird.

3. Strong minded. If I believe in something strong enough, I will stand up for it, even if I stand alone. I am also quite passive, I know when to shut up and stand back too.

4. Sociable loner. Definitely an oxymoron but it's me. I love people, all kinds of them, all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, personalities etc but I like to be alone sometimes too.

5. Joker. I have gotten into so much strife over this b/c here in the South West my humour is outcast, but being a Midlands girl I can't help it, I am who I am. I'm not offensive but I won't allow myself to change. 

So there we have it. I'm pretty sure I'm an ok kinda person...but hey, it's ok for those that think otherwise....I'm also arrogant enough to not lose sleep over it!! :)

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