Saturday, 23 February 2013

The wild indoors

When my teen decided she liked leopard print I thought nothing of it, it's been around for years. Any animal print and I'm having flashbacks of Bet Lynch in Coronation Street but I couldn't see the teen going that far.


She may not wear more than a printed scarf or t-shirt but she's come full on with bedroom accessories. I can live with that.

Then add green.

Now I'd seen leopard print mixed with brown, black and even hot pink but not green.

Even google failed me.

So on seeing the bright, sharp peppermint she wanted she got to work and painted her room while I set about making curtains, cushions, chest runner, bunting and draft excluder {I ran out of ideas for the little bit of fabric left!}.

I then sourced beds, the double she had was taking up far too much of her unusually big small room, that was about the only battle we had thankfully. Thanks to Houzz I found the perfect new comer.... a pallet bed! Once I located a local supplier I set about the layout, single bed size, having each one offset to the one above and below but ensuring its stability. The last one got a rough spray of paint and then came the mattress and bedding.

This is a preview {apologies for the poor photos they are sent from my phone}:

{I'm yet to put a slat on top of the headboard for a mini shelf}

The sad thing here is she's lost about 8 cushions that just don't match! My bed is enjoying them though. Mwahahaha

Next came the window treatment:

A little on the dark side, sorry. A simple pair of curtains that I've panelled with voile and tied back with leopard print ribbon. Instead of a pole dressing I've opted for a bunting that is squished together a little leaving the curtains usable still.

The Austrian blind against the window is a simple piece if unused curtain lining that is hot glued onto the upvc framework and held with ribbon. Being hot glue, when it comes down the glue will pull right off the frame and the fabric leaving no marks at all!!

The third project is the mirror. I don't have a before picture but it was a plain pine frame. I sprayed it beige to match the headboard, added a dark brown and gold slim ribbon in the ridge and stuck four wooden flowers on each corner then hung with ribbon. It still felt like it was missing something till I tried the three felt floral frames, add buttons in each and hey presto! One rather sexy mirror!

Add a couple of flutterbys:

That's not all..... but it is all for now. I have five more projects for this room then I'm going to show it in all it's glory.

With so much leopard print I'm chuffed with how it plays with the green, the pallets have really bought the room together and created part of the wild indoors.

Next up is a storage system made up of crates, and a project with paper doilies, vinyl, stripes and an outdoor grass rug!

What do you think?


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