Monday, 7 January 2013

Back to life

Did you have a lovely Christmas?

How was your new year celebrations?

What goals have you set for 2013?

Our Christmas was pretty much wiped out with me being so ill then charley was up and down with his recurring coughing/vomiting so we were pretty glad to be done with the month to be honest. There were good and funny moments though but they just didn't visit for long!

So our new year has kick started very positively, primarily because we love the new hopes and dreams for a new year, don't you? It's like having that brand new book and freshly sharpened pencil eagerly waiting for the new adventures and stories to live out. For me, normal routine starts today when the kids are back at school/college, so while getting the house in order, uniforms pressed and hung in the utility room I begin setting up my work time table for the week, determined to have a 100% improvement on my time management.

Then comes in a little guy who is trying hard not to cry with a returned abscess!

Day 1: Fail

So while I try get hold of the dentist for an emergency appt I get extra time for cuddles, but good grief I hate to see him in pain.

When does your usual routine start? What are you starting off different?


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