Saturday, 8 December 2012

Time management + magic spell = productivity

I've been practising time management this last few weeks, I set out my to-do list, kept it real for this time of year and set out to achieve three things off the list per day... except Sundays. So far I am on target and I'm kinda proud of myself.

Because I found a system that works for me I have been very blessed to have Christmas 'all wrapped up' as they say thanks to my seasonal craft sales...

Handmade fabric wreath with a selection of accessories. 
The popular wreath this year is silver.
This mocha and polka is the second favourite.
Handmade, lighted garlands. I do these in different sizes and they too have been flying out the door!

I feel extremely blessed for the things I've been able to achieve this year, so very different to last year that's for sure :)

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