Thursday, 13 December 2012

Quick window blind - {Revisited}

I raise this post from a couple of years ago as this is what I a working on this week. I wanted some quick and easy but effective blinds for the two front bedroom windows for my daughters room in our former home, after a few ideas I came across this style on one of my favourite blogs which hit me perfectly upside the head! I knew they were perfect.

As I a considering how I want to dress the two windows in my room this style keeps jumping around in my head, only in red and white {they are my room colours} I would just swap the black for the red but the style would be exactly the same. The best thing about this style is you simply sew the two fabrics together once cut to size, add three tabs to the bottom to fold over and hook onto three stitched on buttons {I used black buttons with red flowers hot glued on top of those} Because the fabric is polycotton it is lightweight so you don't need a drill or nails double sided velcro is perfect for hanging. I would suggest, for heavier fabrics though that you may want to use the sew on velcro onto the fabric and sticky for the frame. 

This isn't the best picture, apologies for that but I think you can get the general idea?

Why do we have the need to jazz up the house a week before Christmas? Madness I tell you!!!

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