Friday, 14 December 2012

It's a....a....a.....tree?

Do you like white Christmas trees? I have to be honest I have never, ever liked or appreciated them, that is until I saw my moms last year and I kinda sorta maybe almost liked it, a teeny, tiny bit! Being in temporary accommodation when Christmas came last year we had zero tree/decorations so I set out building my own, or at least I planned to when my mom offered me to use her green one. The kids jumped at it and who was I to say no? I mean, they'd had so much to deal with for the previous 8 months that I was going to do anything to put some magic back in their lives if only for a couple of weeks.

I think I should learn to stop digressing! ;)

This week I went into town to get a couple of things I'd 'added' to my list, one being a 6' white Christmas tree.

Now for those of you that know me in real life will know that my Christmas tree is the pride of the season seconded only to the Saviour himself. I usually have a huge one, 8' high by 5' wide at the bottom and its adorned with lights that do everything but wrap the presents! There are new ornaments added each year, things made my each of my kids from when they were toddlers and anything else that gets the attention of my roaming eye.

But we don't have that available any longer but that's ok, it's time for a change.

So, for just £19.99 {reduced from £49.99} we got:

the best part is that the twigs fold out on their own, they don't need to be hooked into the stem, just pul them down and spread the branches! So easy, fast and stress free :)

So while I pretty much just watched {and sang along to the Christmas tunes on MTV} the kids got on with it. However, I had a brainwave... I just happened to have some pallets laying around and thought 'wouldn't it be wonderful to put the tree on a stage?' Oh and what about making it white so after the presents are opened we can display our little nativity scene? So...

 On went the tree and this baby is no ready for getting all dolled up:

The wadding I used isn't quite so transparent in real life! First move was to add the lights.

Then came the red and turquoise ribbons, pair them up, approx 8-10" and just tie them round the branches. I done as many as I could but ran out of turquoise {no panic though, I have some on order!}

 Let the kids add the baubles {I just wanted the red and turquoise but I was out numbered!}

I got to add the candy canes, yay me!! :)

I'm not allowed to use the photo of the teen making these crackers with the dude, she didn't 'have her hair done'!! So being the good mommy I am I will oblige {only cos she might see this!!!}

Add the star....{Darn it! I got the teen in!! Mwahahaha}

Last but by no means least, add a few of Charley's presents and stand back for the grant Christmas light show......

As we are late putting up our tree {it always goes up on the 1st December as a rule} the kids have now declared our house a....

....... zone :)

One happy dude and one happy teen later and what else could you want? This is truly peace on earth.... at least peach in our house, for now!! :)

When do you put your tree up? Is it a family affair or do you do it as a part of your to-do list?

For my Lds friends, we have been reading a chapter a day through Luke this month, it's been something of a wonderful journey/sharing time with Charley and I {Kirsten is inactive} and all the things I think I'd taken for granted and/or remembered has really gelled the worldly Christmas with the spiritual Christmas, I don't think my heart could be any fuller with love, gratitude and admiration for the Saviour! What scriptures do your family focus on during this time? 

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