Monday, 17 December 2012

Going underground

For the last three weeks my kids have been hit with colds, coughs, vomiting, tonsillitis and laryngitis... then last Thursday I woke up with a hoarse voice,  no illness or anything, just sounding like a man. Friday morning I woke up with a voice that worked part time.... each sentence held missed words even though I was actually speaking!! I have no tonsils so I assumed it could be another bout of swollen glands.... which I had in August and found extremely painful. Saturday came and I was drowsy all day,     Sunday came and I was in pain all round my neck and throat area... so Kirsten called NHS helpline to see what I could do to ease it, not only did I want to scratch the skin off but I wanted to ice my entire mouth inside, I was sure it was on fire. Because I have asthma and I was periodically struggling for breath they sent out the paramedics, over kill for sure! Thankfully, it wasn't anything sinister but mere laryngitis. I still want to scratch my skin off and ice the inside of my mouth, I still sleep like I'm 99 years old but I'm hopeful it will leave in a day or two.

So till then I am in my pit {sofa} feeling sorry for myself and trying not to talk. I have found though that if I can hold off and only breathe once an hour the coughing doesn't jump in and therefore my ribs don't feel they are in the ring with Mike Tyson!!

Gotta laugh, right?

After all, what I feel is nothing compared to the evil and truly heartbreaking events that Connecticut are dealing with right now.

My heart, thoughts and prayers are with them all at this time, especially those precious little babies. What can one say when you hear something like that?

The sad thing is society has contributed towards the likes of the gunman, I give him zero tolerance but I can't help but agree that if the home isn't stable and kids are left out of what seems to be the norm then who knows what affect it can have?

Children are for life, not for as long as your attention span.

Sorry, being a single parent I have experienced more than once at men rejecting their children.....

This is getting irate so I shall be going underground now for a day or two, so I can recover and come back as my usual self and do my blog hops and share the stuff we've been doing here.

Whatever you not get won't change a single thing!! ;)

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