Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Craft to-do list

I meant to post this on 1st December to see if it could be added to and/or altered for other fun crafts. My teen isn't huge on crafting but the dude is, he will sit for hours making, drawing, designing, writing, colouring and creating something from almost nothing. Add that to the fun of Christmas crafting and it makes for a happy mommy!

Every year we have our own little routine in preparation for Christmas, quite simple really and it keeps the kids happy on the colder days and longer nights. Goes something like this:

1st - Tree goes up and decorated
2nd - Decorations around the house

From here on we have a rough sketch of what we want to do each day up to Christmas Eve:

  1. Make window decorations
  2. paper chains
  3. operation Christmas child boxes {between 2 ad 6}
  4. paper bunting
  5. felt ornaments
  6. bread and pastry goodies
  7. soap/hand lotion gifts
  8. teacher/church teacher gifts
  9. salt dough decorations
  10. personalised baubles
  11. chocolate and marshmallow chocolate gifts
  12. cookies, cakes and pies
  13. mini stockings
  14. write a story
  15. read teachings of Jesus Christ each day
  16. paint wood for plaques for favourite words/quotes
  17. spray doilies and make banners
  18. decorate plain wallpaper cut to wrapping paper size
  19. make gift tags
  20. make gingerbread house
  21. make at least one handmade gift for a neighbour
  22. make a 12 photo album to record our year
  23. organise our craft/diy stash
  24. military care packages {between 3 and 6}
Of course some of these don't happen every year cos it's nice to try new things but we do try to do something simple and fun every day through December. I think having that time to just 'be' means we pull back from the world, the outside living and unwind with each other and pretty much hibernate with food, sparklies and crafts! Job done! :)

Photos in this post are from the last 2 Christmas's.

I love centre table mats and coasters, this coffee table set was a quick jobbie a couple of years ago and was the first time Charley showed interested in sewing, he cut the coasters and sewed {while guided by me} on the machine.

Cake stand, I can still feel the hot glue gun burns from this! I'm just glad I did that part and not Charley..he's responsible for the idea on covering the cake boards and tins {tins were used to support the middle and cake boards are the cake holder}

A simple but cute pushchair duvet we made for a friends new baby, we liked it so much we also made:

to hang on the little boy's pushchair! Charley enjoyed stuffing these so we made a few of them and gave them as gifts for his teachers at school.

Of course, no kids Christmas is really happening till he has something handmade for his school play costume... I'm just surprised this crown held up with the weight of those plastic gems!! lol

What Christmas preparations do you make? Tell me what your traditions are? Are you starting new ones this year?

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