Wednesday, 3 October 2012


What? It’s October? Sheesh! Who moved September then?

Is that how you feel to? I think the whole of 2012  has whizzed by. I’m sure it was only last week we were about to sign for the keys for this house, enjoy a stress free Christmas {probably the only one ever!} and looking forward to re-creating a home for us all again.

Now, as I plan for Halloween and Christmas I can’t help but cast my mind back to the wonderful things that have happened this year. I know this is a pre-mature kinda post but bare with me, all will be revealed...

*January saw us in our new home, hardly able to believe we were on the way to becoming settled again. It also saw us ill {3 weeks for me!}

houseThere is nothing in the world that prepares you for being homeless, no matter how it comes about, but more than that, nothing prepares you for the time you know you can lay your hat again and allow the inside took quite a while for us all to deal with the emotions and fears that we accrued during 2011. Because we had our happy ending we see how it shaped us, helped us grow and be stronger, but there’s not much else in life that takes you to the place you go when you have no home.

* March, this isn’t really my glory but it warms my heart anyway, saw the 1 year anniversary of the bone marrow transplant of my {then} 6 year old niece, meaning that while she will still have issues with her health, her life is no longer in danger and that its a true Heaven sent blessing!

* April was the birth of my beautiful second grand-daughter, Lilli-Mai...


This girl is always smiling and laughing and she is the spit of me when I was a baby...that’s nanna’s girl alright!!

* June saw the past become history between my sister and  me. Wise move if I do say so myself, she’s kinda awesome but don’t tell her I said that though! ;)

Scott {22} finished his 3 year uni course and moved home into his own place with his friend. While I don’t see as much of him as I’d like just now its awesome knowing he’s 12 miles away rather than 112! Now to work on getting Jay here, hehe.

Kirsten turned 16. I still look at her and see the 11 year old waif ready to start high school. If I catch her when she’s deep in thought I swear I still see the tiny baby that I bought home from the hospital half an hour ago.

* August saw the death of my almost beloved but always faithful Billy-Norman {or Jupiter as Charley called it} when he died on the M49! Rip car, you are sorely missed!

* September was manic! Firstly my older grand-daughter, Bailey boo turned a huge 2...two...TWO! How the heck did that happen?


She is my happy little girly-fied and cute and funny.

Then Charley turned 8. Again, how did that happen??!!! Since when did my little dude become such an awesome, intelligent, caring, geeky young man?


Oh and just before his birthday he started Junior school. I’m sorry but this really took my breath away, it was only 5 minutes ago that I was looking at him in the little incubator in special care... I whole heartedly believe this child was born solely for me...and while he doesn’t agree, I’m aok with that! ;)

My geek kid just can’t stop posing! :)

Also in September Kirsten started college, one of 3 years then if all being well onto uni to train as a Midwife, she’s super excited and has really flowered since starting.

I know I’ve missed things but that’s ok....I have January to recap! Lol

Now we are in October and I turned 44 yesterday. For the first time in nearly all of my adult years I have had a birthday where I feel complete on the inside. I had this peace and equilibrium that I don’t remember having any other birthday, it’s a strange but wonderful feeling. This year I have come to really appreciate people in my life. I have made friends, lost friends and rebuilt friendships. I have buried the past and reset the future. I have laughed and cried, whinged and gave thanks. I have hurt and healed, offended and apologised. I have done what God intended me to do....lived.

So while the year isn’t over I do have my 44th year to begin and I just know that for whatever pitfalls and heartache there is, life is a blessing that I’m taking by the hands and shaping just the way I want it.


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