Thursday, 2 August 2012

Week 1 of Summer Holiday


The first week of the school summer holidays was fun.

Gardening effects

Friday: I ended the week cutting the grass, strimming, putting up new buntings and lights, getting plants repotted. This ^ is  how hard I worked!

baby jakeSaturday: The kids decided that poor Jake was going to get it again...this time as Baby Jake from a CBeebies programme! Why are these two even watching that channel???

dinner at angiesSunday: We went over to my sisters for dinner, hung out for the afternoon and most the evening and just chilled, ate and laughed.

kian n charleyMonday: Kian {nephew} and Charley playing ‘fencing’. Kirsten and my heads were always in danger!

cool drinksTuesday: We freeze our favourite drinks with a lemon or lime inside, ideal on hot days like today.

craft fairWednesday: Preparing for the online craft fair summer sale. Justo ne of the items I’m offering.

beachThursday was spent packing and travelling down to Tavistock, Devon to visit our friend Jules and her family for a few days. On Friday....this is one of the hundreds of pics I took...on the beach. I love the beach!!

So far it’s been a great week! Ready for week 2....


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