Saturday, 25 August 2012

Homemade Egg Custard

I love egg custard so when my mom offered me yet another super recipe I knew I had to try it out....

The preparation time is simple, the eating is delish! I have to admit, I did cheat and buy the case for time though I’m going to make my own.


So here is the recipe:

3 eggs
2-3 dessert spoons of sugar
2-3 drops of vanilla essence/extract
1/2 pint of full fat milk

1 tub small double cream

Being the adhoc cook/baker that I am I threw them all into the bowl together and whisked it all together.

You can heat this up as you stir and then pour it into your pastry crust or you can do it all cold....the heated version gives a less intense flavouring but is still flavourful and tasty!


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